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St Peter and St Paul, Old Brampton

Welcome to your living church sharing the good news of Jesus.

About the church

Welcome to the Parish Church of St. Peter and St. Paul at Old Brampton. There has been a church on this site for a thousand years—a place where people have been able to worship and commune with God.

Today, as over the years, the church is there for the highs and lows of life, to celebrate with people in the joy of weddings and baptism and to comfort people in times of trouble or bereavement. 


We are a church family that is there for you. We pride ourselves on keeping the church open during the day so that you are free to come in and spend a few moments of quiet—you may want to light a candle as you think of someone special or say a prayer or just sit in the peace of God’s presence.


Our church’s motto is to welcome you to our living church sharing the good news of Jesus. This encompasses three important points, Welcome, Living and Good News:

  • We strive to give a warm welcome to all who come to our church, and there is usually refreshment served in the school room after the service where you can meet and chat with folk over a tea or coffee. As you will see from other pages on the web site we offer a wide variety of activities for people of all ages.
  • We aim to be a living and growing church that is active in its role in the community and in our worship. Our church isn’t the building but the people.
  • Jesus is at the centre of our church life. His message of love, compassion and grace is the example that we strive to follow, and that message is for everyone whether in church or in the community.

So welcome to our church family, and do come and visit. It’s as much your church as it is ours.

God Bless


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